Aluminum, in its pure form or with its alloys, is of vital importance in the construction sector, especially in the transportation and aerospace sectors. It is also used as a paint material because it is one of the rare metals that gives the silver color in powder form. Again, it is brighter than gold and silver in visible light. It is a good conductor of temperature and electricity such that it is used in making superconductors.

Aluminum is used in:

  • Transport (cars, planes, trucks, railways, ships, bicycles) 
  • Packaging (tins and food storage foils) 
  • Obtaining drinking water (removal of harmful ingredients) 
  • Building sector (window, door, coating, wiring) 
  • Making kitchen tools and knives 
  • Energy transport 

Aluminum usage areas are:

  • Defense industry 
  • Aircraft Industry 
  • Construction Industry 
  • Machinery Industry 
  • Marine Industry 
  • Food industry 
  • Medical Industry 

Different aluminum types are:

  • rod 
  • pipe 
  • bracket 
  • plate 
  • profile 
  • lama 
  • trapeze 
  • patterned plate 
  • tread plate 
  • anodized sheet 
  • roll 
  • strip 
  • sieve 
  • ingots