Copper has been one of the most important metals in human history and still remains one of the most important metals. When we look at the past to understand the importance of copper, we can remember that it gave its name to prehistoric times. One of the most important features of copper is that it is an extremely good conductor and therefore copper can be preferred in electricity transmission lines and all works that require transmission. It is also known as the element that conducts electricity best after silver.

Copper is found in almost every region of the world and also a lot of production is made. Generally, the most used sectors are electrical and electronics, home appliances and kitchen appliances, jewelry and construction sector.

Copper applications are:

  • Electrical and electronics industry 
  • Construction industry 
  • Transport industry 
  • Industrial equipment 
  • Chemistry 
  • Jewelry 

Copper Types:

We can list different types of copper as follows; 

  • rod 
  • Wire 
  • pipe 
  • roll 
  • plate 
  • strip 
  • lama 
  • coil