Our mine is located in Feke area (south of the Adana province). It includes 477.31 hectares of licensed land area. 

Although this mine started operating in the 1970s, the production has been interrupted during some years. From 2013, the production has been non-stop and we have added the mine to our system almost a year ago. 

In our mine, there are 3 galleries in the area where they are connected to eachother. 

In our area, 3 different zinc ores can be extracted including zinc oxide, carbonate zinc and sulfur zinc (sphalerite). 

It produces 1000-1500 tons of ore per month. 

With the aim of improving the production, we operate with 2 underground drilling machines and 1 surface drilling machine. 

We start processing the ores by crushing and screening them. Our facility has 525 m2 of indoor stock and 900 m2 of outdoor stock. The indoor stock can be used to store sphalerite, oxide and to do crushing and packaging operations. 

In our facility, we enrich the ores with jaw crusher and screen them with 35mm screens. It is possible to further decrease the size of the larger particles using the hammer crusher machine. Our crushing capacity is 30 tons per hour.